Jennifer CummingsFrappe House Manager

Jennifer is a Fresno native. Graduated from Clovis High School and attended Fresno City College. Jennifer was first introduced to CrossCity when neighbors invited her family to what was then known as North Fresno Christian Church. She was only 12 and once baptized became involved and enjoyed being a part of church activities, youth group, camps, choir, etc. As an adult, God brought her into the singles group, where she met her husband, Ronald Cummings. Together, they facilitate the Life After Singles Marrieds group, love traveling, gathering with friends, and playing with their two dogs, Dasie & Lily.

Favorite sport?

Grew up being active in softball and football

NFL: Raiders  MLB: Dodgers

Favorite vacation spot?

Cambria (where I married my hubby) and so many more to add to the list…

Favorite local restaurant?

Luna’s Pizzeria (it’s the Italian in me) in Clovis

Coffee or tea?

Coffee: French Press to get me going  Tea: Earl Grey w/cream at night to wind down