Are you growing, maintaining or shrinking spiritually? During this NEXT teaching series, we've provided tools to help you take than NEXT step in your walk. Don’t let anything stand in your way of making that real, genuine, deep, intimate, relationship with Jesus. Commit to that NEXT level, NEXT step, NEXT decision that you need to make. It is never too late to start growing spiritually!


"What I want to do is help you take that NEXT step, make that NEXT decision and commit to that NEXT level, wherever you are in your walk. A NEXT level follower strives to be a grown up, disciplined follower of Jesus Christ. Ask yourself this question, “Do I look like Him? Do I resemble Him in any way?” If you do, you are probably a disciple. If you don’t, there is probably some work that needs to be done! Ephesians 4:15 says, “Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will in all things grow up into Him who is the Head, that is, Christ.” That is what God wants for your life. For us to resemble Jesus more and more as our lives go on. God’s plan from the very beginning is to make you like Jesus Christ. That is what’s NEXT." Lead Pastor, David N. Rutherford

1) Commit to a Bible Reading Plan

In Pastor David's NEXT #1 - Discipleship message, he challenged us to take that NEXT step,make that NEXT decision and commit to that NEXT level. It takes truth to transform us, that is why DAILY Bible reading is so important. Need some help getting started? We have a couple Bible Reading Plans available for you. These are not mandatory if you already have a plan. Just make sure you commit to a Reading Plan! This is the first big step in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

2) Give Journaling a Try!

JOURNALING TIPS - Pastor Mike Osborne

Keeping a spiritual journal is a valuable tool to track your spiritual journey and the lessons you've learned. Try journaling for 5 weeks during this sermon series and see if that doesn't make your Bible reading and prayer time come to life! Remember to use the Acronym, S.O.A.P. - Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer, and get started!


"Worship is giving your attention to God. I recommend you have a daily quiet time, where it is just you and Him. No pretense, just be honest and open with Him. When we focus on self, it produces worry, depression, anxiety, insecurity, fear and guilt. When we fix our eyes on God, it always produces gratitude, hope and confidence.

If you’re not worshiping God, you’re worshiping something. Everybody worships something. You were created with that special spiritual DNA, to put something on the throne of your heart. Career? Money? Everyone knows what is first in their life. Putting God first doesn’t happen accidentally, it is a decision. Will you decide to put the Lord first in your life today?" Lead Pastor, David N. Rutherford

1) New to CrossCity? First Step: "Discover CrossCity"

AUGUST 26, 2017 - 6:00pm & AUGUST 27, 2017 - 11:00am only
WORSHIP CENTER CONFERENCE ROOM. New to CrossCity and want to learn more about us? Been here awhile and have questions? Come to The First Step Experience and get an overview of who CrossCity is and what we’re passionate about. Small setting with a time of Q & A. Refreshments & Childcare provided.


2) Commit to a Regular Prayer Time

PRAYER TIPS - Director of Pastoral Care, Scott Reinemeyer

Commit to establishing a daily time alone with God. Find a time where you can stop everything else and just think about God, talk to Him and read His word. Just the two of you, simple, transparent, no games. Don’t try to be spiritual, be honest. A helpful Acronym you can use as a guide is A.C.T.S. - Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication (ask God for help).


Life is not meant to be lived alone; God intends for us to experience life together. If you want to grow spiritually, you need to be connected to other people who have the same goal. 

The first step of experiencing community is moving from believing to belonging. We belong to the Body of Christ. We don’t go to church… we are the church… the Body of Christ. Spiritual growth happens in circles… community.

2) Find a Life Group

LOOKING FOR A LIFE GROUP? Life is not meant to be lived alone; God intends for us to experience life together. If you want to grow spiritually, you need to be connected to other people who have the same goal. Get in a group today - life is better connected! You can look for a group with our CrossCity App: “GroupFinder” or visit our LIFE GROUPS WEBSITE.


We were shaped by God to serve. Authentic service is an overflow from a heart of gratitude. We are challenging you to serve in one of the opportunities provided. Please pray for God’s direction as you decide where to serve. 

1) Commit to serving in one of the following areas:


We were made by God for a mission to go beyond the walls of our church and change the world for Christ. To make an impact for Jesus. Go. Pray. Send.

"Serving like Jesus means being available. If you want to be used by God, you must be willing to be interrupted. Servant-Hearted People don't procrastinate. They're spontaneous. 3 things keep us from being available: Self-centeredness, perfectionism and materialism. Did you know the #1 enemy of compassion is busyness? Do you have a 'do not disturb' sign on your heart?" - Lead Pastor, David N. Rutherford.

"There are 2 things you won’t be able to do in heaven. One is Sin, and the other one is tell people who don’t know Jesus, about Jesus. Now, which of those 2 reasons do you think you are still alive for? The only reason your heart is still beating after you come to Christ is because God want you to share it the Good News with people who haven’t heard. If somebody hadn’t shared it with you, you’d be lost. Pass it on." - Lead Pastor, David N. Rutherford

EVANGELISM 101:  1. Get Real  2. Don't act superior  3. Start in Jerusalem (home)  4. Be kind (show grace)  5. Invite them to church  6. Share the Good News (Gospel).



This weekend I will be concluding our NEXT teaching series. Don’t miss it! It has been exciting to see you taking those important NEXT steps in your growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Never stop asking yourself what your NEXT step is... Is it committing to a Bible reading plan or a regular prayer time? Is it spiritual journaling? Is it joining a LIFE Group or serving in one our ministry groups? Whatever it is make that commitment.